Clear Blue Technologies Launches
Energy-as-a-Service for Wireless Power

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Our Smart Off-Grid Controllers are easily integrated into solar and wind powered streetlights, security systems, mobile power, lighting and signage, electronic charging stations and more.

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Illumience Cloud Control

All Smart Off-Grid controllers are fully managed through our cloud platform, Illumience, providing unprecedented levels of reliability and performance while slashing installation and ongoing maintenance costs.

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The Next Revolution – Wireless Smart Off-Grid Technology

Manage and Control Power Systems Anywhere, Anytime In Sophic Capital’s Powering the Most Challenging Systems report, we learned that: Off-grid power has the potential to reach 1.8 billion people across both developed and developing nations; Globally, in 2018, 4.16GW of renewable energy powered off-grid projects; Diesel generators have typically powered most of the world’s off-grid solutions, providing opportunities for renewable energy solutions, and; Off-grid solar was a US$1.75 billion market in 2019, and off-grid storage systems could be worth US$58.5 billion by 2026. In this report, we introduce Sophic Capital client Clear Blue Technologies Inc. [TSXV:CBLU, OTC:CBUTF], a provider of clean, wireless power, off-grid solutions.

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Infrastructure Investors Global Summit Berlin 2021

Meet with Clear Blue at the even to learn about the company's exciting trajectory.

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Powering the Most Challenging Systems

Connecting the World Demands Wireless Off-Grid Solutions Bridging the Digital Divide To improve quality of life and help boost economic growth, the world needs to be connected. Over 3.8 billion people in the world currently have little or no Internet coverage due to a lack of access to grid power. This problem persists in urban landscapes and remote rural communities across both developed and emerging markets. To connect the world and provide global internet access, the way critical infrastructure operates needs to be re-imagined.

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