Clear Blue Technologies Launches
Energy-as-a-Service for Wireless Power

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Our Smart Off-Grid Controllers are easily integrated into solar and wind powered streetlights, security systems, mobile power, lighting and signage, electronic charging stations and more.

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Illumience Cloud Control

All Smart Off-Grid controllers are fully managed through our cloud platform, Illumience, providing unprecedented levels of reliability and performance while slashing installation and ongoing maintenance costs.

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Clear Blue Technologies Announces Management and Board Changes

Clear Blue Technologies today announced the departure of Chief Financial Officer, Lawrence Tjan, from the Company. Paul Kania, CPA, will serve as the interim Chief Financial Officer with immediate effect.

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21st Century Tech: Energy-as-a-Service: A Novel Idea Whose Time Has Come

"A Toronto-based company, Clear Blue Technologies International Inc., has been providing remote management of telecommunications and off-grid lighting for streets and parking lots for a number of years. And now it has launched Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS), a subscription service to provide clean, wireless power to remote localities of which many are off the grid." 21st Century Tech interviewed Clear Blue CEO Miriam Tuerk and writes about Energy-as-a-Service in this article.

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Clear Blue Technologies International Announces 2018 Financial Results

Clear Blue Technologies International Announces 2018 Financial Results - 65% TFQ revenue increase for 2018. "2018 was a significant year for Clear Blue in terms of both revenue growth and the milestones we achieved,” said Miriam Tuerk. “We’ve demonstrated the ability to scale topline growth and drive gross margin expansion. We also developed existing and new strategic partnerships with key market players and completed a number of potentially high-impact first deployments.”

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