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Our Smart Off-Grid Controllers are easily integrated into solar and wind powered streetlights, security systems, mobile power, lighting and signage, electronic charging stations and more.

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Illumience Cloud Control

All Smart Off-Grid controllers are fully managed through our cloud platform, Illumience, providing unprecedented levels of reliability and performance while slashing installation and ongoing maintenance costs.

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Clear Blue Technologies Illuminates Toronto’s Bloor Street with Smart City Lighting Systems

Clear Blue Technologies announced that 40 of its Illumient solar-powered street lights have been installed along Bloor Street West in Toronto. The project was driven by the Bloor West Village Business Improvement Association (BIA), the first BIA ever established in the world. The project value to Clear Blue exceeded $400,000 CAD, and includes on-going management services from Clear Blue, using its Illumience cloud software.  

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Clear Blue Technologies Makes Lithium Batteries Smarter, Expands Product Line

Clear Blue Technologies today announced the delivery of a modular, lithium energy capability that can scale as the power demands of nano-grid systems change and grow. Clear Blue’s Smart Off-Grid power systems now include Clear Blue-certified lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries within Clear Blue’s telecom, lighting, and IoT Smart Off-Grid power packs.

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The Globe and Mail: How a Canadian cleantech firm is bridging the digital in Africa

The Globe and Mail writes about how Clear Blue Technologies and our partner BRCK are bringing internet connectivity to Africa, where high-speed internet access has been an unaffordable luxury..till now.

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