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Smart Off-Grid Power for Telecom in Rural Rwanda

Vanu, Rwanda

Clear Blue partnered with Vanu to bring connectivity to Rwanda’s unconnected and hard-to-reach communities. 

Why Smart Off-Grid? 

In hard-to-reach areas such as Rwanda’s rural regions, implementing connectivity is extremely challenging. Installing power infrastructure, whether grid or off-grid, in these hard-to-reach areas is extremely costly. A low-cost infrastructure solution is critical to establishing a commercially viable business model for rural telecommunications, which is where Smart Off-Grid came in. Energy forecasting, and remote management significantly reduced the CAPEX and OPEX of telecom sites. In fact, Clear Blue’s Smart Off-Grid delivers a 40% lower cost than traditional off-grid power systems, which made Smart Off-Grid the ideal solution for this project. 


Clear Blue’s Smart Off-Grid power provided the low-cost solution necessary to establish a commercially viable telecom business model in Rwanda. Clear Blue delivered reliable, wireless, managed power for telecom sites in rural Rwanda, enabling Vanu to provide mobile service to the area in a way that was commercially viable. Clear Blue’s deployment in Rwanda is an excellent example of how Smart Off-Grid can help establish commercially scalable telecom services in difficult-to-access areas.

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