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  • Client:Vanu
  • Install Year: 2017
  • Product:Nano-Grid
  • Industry:Telecom
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Installation Details:

Smart Off-Grid Power for Rural Telecom

Vanu, Rwanda

Vanu sells products and services that enable mobile network operators to profitably serve rural markets, unlocking new revenue sources for operators and providing the benefits of connectivity to previously unserved populations. Vanu's solutions combine technology and business model innovation to reduce the total cost of ownership of wireless networks.

Why Smart Off-Grid?

Vanu required reliable, managed power that provided maximum uptime in a rural setting with no grid access. Clear Blue’s Smart Off-Grid power allowed for remotely managed power that met the needs of Vanu’s telecom solution in a cost-effective solution.


Clear Blue’s Smart Off-Grid solution and service provide the accompanying ‘power-as-a-service’ to provide reliable, wireless, clean managed power for the Vanu cellular base station. This enables Vanu to provide mobile network services to the surrounding rural area.

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