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Nano-Grid – The Smart Off-Grid power pack system for Telecom. Download the brochure to learn more.


Esite-Micro is the world’s first hybrid power solution purpose-built for telecom sites. It delivers highly reliable, cost-effective, and long lasting hybrid power for telecom systems especially in off-grid and bad-grid regions.


The Esite-Stand Alone (SA) edition is a compact Hybrid Smart Power solution for telecom. The SA is an outdoor-rated solution which can be easily installed at new or existing sites to ensure reliable power delivery. The stand-alone unit provides all of the benefits of the Esite-Micro solution in a more compact system. 

Pico-Grid Brochure

Pico-Grid - The Smart Off-Grid power solution for the Small cell, Satellite Wi-Fi, and IoT market. Download the brochure to learn more.

Illumience Cloud

The Illumience cloud is advanced technology that provides real-time, 24x7, remote control, management, and monitoring of any Smart Off-Grid device.

Illumient Product Brief

Showcases the features and benefits of the Illumient solar or solar/wind hybrid smart street lighting solution.

Illumient Project Portfolio

Showcases Illumient Smart Off-Grid installations for a variety of applications.

Illumient Municipal Brochure

Explore the Benefits and Advantages of Illumient Smart Off-Grid for municipalities.

Integrated Communications

Learn more about the built-in communications for Smart Off-Grid.

Smart Off-Grid

What is Smart Off-Grid? Download the Brochure and find out.

Clear Blue Introduction and Overview

Learn about Clear Blue. 

Case Study: Smart Off-Grid Lighting in Morocco

Check out this case study to learn about how Smart Off-Grid lighting illuminating a new logistics city in Morocco. 

Smart Off-Grid Lighting For Municipality's Green Inititative

Check out our case study on Illumient Smart Off-Grid Lighting which met the renewable energy goals of Mississauga, Ontario. 

Guide To Solar Streetlighting

Check out our E-Book breaking down Smart Off-Grid Solar Streetlights.

Smart Off-Grid Power For Telecommunications - The Results of The SmartPower Project

Download our E-Book to learn about the independent field trial conducted with Meta Connectivity and Mayutel. The field trial proved that Smart Off-grid power delivers 40% lower cost and maximum uptime for telecom sites.

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