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  • Client:Parallel Wireless
  • Install Year: 2021
  • Product:Nano-Grid
  • Industry:Telecom
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Installation Details:

Grid Connect: Smart Off-Grid Backup Power for Mission-Critical Telecom

Parallel Wireless, Tanzania

Smart Off-Grid power helped implement reliable telecom service in Tanzania, where grid infrastructure is highly unreliable. Clear Blue partnered with RAN provider Parallel Wireless to help the Tanzania Telecommunications Corporation (TTCL) bring implement reliable connectivity in Tanzania, including for hospitals.

Why Smart Off-Grid? 

In Tanzania, grid infrastructure is especially unreliable. The grid is frequently down to do outages, or is insufficient to provide power for mission-critical infrastructure. As a result, Grid Connect: Backup is essential to maintain reliability and uptime. Several sites in Tanzania needed reliable telecom service but could not solely depend on the grid for power. Clear Blue’s Smart Off-Grid systems connected to the grid and provided smart, off-grid solar and battery backup for when the grid was insufficient. Due to the intelligent energy forecasting tools and the remote management capabilities provided by Smart Off-Grid technology, it was an extremely reliable and affordable long-term grid backup solution.  


Overall, Smart Off-Grid power provided reliable backup power for 114 telecom sites in Tanzania. These sites have had reliable telecom service, as continuous power availability has been ensured by Smart Off-Grid . Read more about how Smart Off-Grid is the most innovative, reliable backup solution in the blog below.

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