Clear Blue’s Esite-Micro power system is a hybrid smart power solution that delivers cost-effective, reliable power for large telecom systems around the world. Esite-Micro delivers reliable 24V and 48V solutions for both solar-only and solar-hybrid telecom sites. Esite-Micro is powered by Smart Off-Grid technology, and remotely managed through Clear Blue’s cloud control platform, Illumience, to ensure maximum uptime at the lowest total cost of ownership for large off-grid, on-grid, and bad-grid telecom sites around the world. 

Esite-Micro now has two mounting/cabinet options. The new Esite-Micro SA (Stand Alone) edition is a compact Hybrid Smart Power solution for telecom. It provides all of the benefits of the Esite-Micro solution in a more compact system. Esite-Micro SA is a great fit for existing telecom sites which need greater reliability and the ability to dynamically manage power sources and loads. Download the Esite-Micro SA brochure.

Easy Installation

Esite-Micro power systems are fully-integrated power solutions for telecom. Delivered in fully-sealed, tamper-proof cabinets, installing these systems is virtually a plug-and-play process. And with installations remotely supported by Clear Blue’s expert service team, telecom installations could never be easier.

No Maintenance Site Visits

The Esite-Micro power solution is connected to Clear Blue’s industry-leading cloud control platforms, eSite Tools and Illumience. Through Illumience, sites can be remotely monitored and proactively maintained to eliminate maintenance site visits and lower OPEX.

Reliability Ensured

Through the eSite Tools and the Illumience remote management and control platform, Esite-Micro power systems are monitored and managed to ensure total reliability. Intelligent analytics provided by Illumience maximize system uptime.

Features and Benefits


Grid Power Harvesting

Esite-Micro maximizes grid power harvesting from any available grid power, even at low voltages. Maximum grid power harvesting significantly reduces fuel use and genset run hours at solar-hybrid sites.


Intelligent Power Switching

Efficiently combine multiple power sources with Esite-Micro’s Intelligent Power Switching. Esite-Micro's monitors site performance and instantly switches power sources based on predetermined performance metrics which can be remotely configured based on each site. Intelligent power switching optimizes solar energy use and minimizes genset operation, while ensuring reliability for large telecom sites.


Energy Forecasting

Clear Blue’s Smart Off-Grid technology enables energy forecasting for telecom sites. Through 24/7 site data monitoring with Illumience, energy deficits can be forecasted and managed around to ensure reliability and maximum uptime


Battery Management

Clear Blue’s remote management platform and expert service team manage batteries to ensure longest life. Through Clear Blue’s advanced battery state of charge analysis, actively control battery charging and discharging from multiple power sources to extend battery life.


eSite Tools

eSite tools is a cloud-based aggregation and presentation of data on telecom sites. eSite tools accurately identifies if sites in the network are not hitting their KPIs, and offers remote management tools to eliminate site visits, significantly reducing site OPEX and TCO.

Esite-Micro Brochure

Esite-Micro is the world’s first hybrid power solution purpose-built for telecom sites. It delivers highly reliable, cost-effective, and long lasting hybrid power for telecom systems especially in off-grid and bad-grid regions.

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