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Smart Off-Grid Power Brings Connectivity to Cameroon's Rural Regions

NuRAN & Orange, Cameroon

Clear Blue Technologies partnered with NuRan Wireless to bring connectivity to Cameroon’s rural regions through Energy-as-a-Service and Smart Off-Grid Power.  

Why Smart Off-Grid 

The development of mobile broadband service has been cost-prohibitive in Cameroon. Low population density has made establishing connectivity a major challenge for service providers. However, through the modular design and remote management capabilities of Clear Blue’s Smart Off-Grid, both upfront and ongoing costs were drastically reduced while maintaining the highest power availability. Smart Off-Grid thereby increased the return on investment for the service provider, allowing them to profitably provide connectivity to remote, rural regions in Cameroon. 


In partnership with NuRan, Clear Blue delivered 120 Smart Off-Grid power systems to rural Cameroon to help deliver reliable broadband internet service to unconnected communities. Clear Blue’s reliable, low-cost power solution established a sustainable business model for internet providers in Cameroon which can be replicated to bring connectivity to other regions which lack internet access in Africa.

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