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Smart Off-Grid Lighting for Waterfront Boardwalk

Algonac, Michigan

Clear Blue provided its Illumient Smart Off-Grid lighting solution on a boardwalk along the bank of the St. Clair River in Algonac, Michigan.

Why Smart Off-Grid? 

The city of Algonac needed to refurbish its waterfront boardwalk, an area which patrons use frequently. Since the 1970s, outdated grid-connected lights had been situated along the waterfront. Not only did these 24 poles provide insufficient light for the boardwalk, but their parts would frequently fly off during high winds. So, the town needed a lighting solution which would provide reliable, quality lighting to illuminate the boardwalk for patrons year-round.  


Clear Blue installed 18 Illumient lighting systems along the waterfront. In addition, 2 lights were installed in a new area at the entrance of the boardwalk.  Replacing the old 24 grid poles, Clear Blue’s Illumient solution provided quality lighting with fewer systems than the previous fleet, and thus delivered a significant TCO advantage to the town. There are no ongoing utility costs associated with these systems, and the lights are monitored and managed remotely to ensure the highest reliability and total peace of mind. The cost savings provided by Smart Off-Grid are driving municipalities everywhere to adopt off-grid lighting.  

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