Internet of Things

Industry Potential

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of interconnected devices that perform useful functions to improve the operational efficiency of industries and cities. IoT devices collect data from their applications and send it back to the user. From there, the user can make informed decisions about how to manage their critical systems and applications.

The IoT industry has immense potential to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of operations across a wide range of industries. It also plays an important role in the development of smart cities. The market potential for IoT is significant because it can be effectively applied to smart cities (link to Smart City page) as well as a wide range of industries and sectors. Through the Internet of Things, we can improve the efficiency of cities and industries by making them ‘Smart’. Data analytics are becoming increasingly important in the operations of many sectors, and the IoT industry is a key enabler of data analytics. Also, the growth of IoT will be enabled by the rollout of the 5G network. With all this potential for IoT devices it is critical that industry ensures the reliability of IoT systems to capitalize on this potential.

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Industry Challenges

Bringing IoT to Cities

Continuous Power Availability

When it comes to IoT devices, data is extremely important. Installing IoT in areas with already taxed power grids can lead to unreliable power and poor data collection. IoT devices need independent, continuous power to ensure that data can be reliably transmitted, and no data is lost.

System Visibility

Given the critical role of data, IoT customers must be able to see the status of their system to know that there are not issues transmitting data. IoT solutions need Smart Off-Grid provides system visibility that helps the customer which enables you to anticipate issues well in advance.

Undetected Downtime

When IoT devices rely on grid, they may experience unexpected downtime, leading to the loss of mission-critical data. This is a major problem for the IoT industry as the security of data is of the utmost importance.

Costly Installation

When IoT devices need power and the grid is not easily accessible or needs upgrading, disruptive construction, costly trenching and expensive cabling could be required. Cost-effective IoT solutions need simpler, wireless, plug-and-play installations.


Smart Off-Grid Power Solutions

Clear Blue’s Smart Off-Grid solution is an ideal fit for the challenges of the Internet of Things industry. Clear Blue’s Smart Off-Grid provides power for mission-
critical systems with the highest reliability and uptime. From adding a security camera to a streetlight or a small Wi-Fi hub, Smart Off-Grid can provide the power required. Through Clear Blue’s remote management software, Illumience, the Clear Blue service team has full visibility of the performance of your system and can perform maintenance proactively and remotely. This way, you can be sure your mission-critical data is being continuously transmitted without interruption.

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Industry Stats

the potential economic value to be generated by 2025
IoT connected devices by 2025
Expected safety and security use-case contribution by 2030

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