Satellite Wi-Fi

Industry Potential

The digital revolution has affected different communities around the world in vastly different ways. More specifically, the telecommunications revolution has created a major digital divide both regionally, between urban and rural areas, and globally, between developed and developing nations.

As a result, billions of people in the developing world remain unconnected to the internet, and thus economically and socially isolated from the global community. In fact, today there are nearly four billion under-served and under-connected people worldwide. Most of these disconnected populations live in rural regions. Connecting the unconnected through Satellite Wi-Fi internet would allow for greater progress toward social, and economic growth and stability. 

Providing satellite internet connectivity for all, including the most remote and isolated communities, is an enormous market opportunity. In fact, the small satellite market is expected to expand to $7.1 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 20.5% from 2020-2025. The market growth is a result of increased demand for broadband internet throughout the world. Pico-Grid is perfectly positioned to meet the needs of this emerging market.

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Industry Challenges

Costly Maintenance

If frequent or urgent site visits need to be made to repair grid infrastructure for WiFi connectivity iIn remote locations, maintenance of these power systems becomes very costly. For smaller communities or rural sites, this can often make satellite wi-fi connectivity cost-prohibitive.

Outdated Power Infrastructure

In remote rural areas which lack connectivity, grid infrastructure is generally non-existent or extremely outdates. This leads to low power availability, frequent power interruptions, and unreliable service.

Lack of Trained Technicians to Operate/Service Systems

When new power infrastructure is implemented to provide connectivity, technicians and power experts are often required to install, operate, and service these systems. A lack of technical expertise in small rural villages poses a challenge for providing connectivity.


THE SOLUTION: Pico-Grid Power System

Pico-Grid is Clear Blue’s power solution specifically tailored to the satellite internet market. Pico-Grid is a smaller solution which powers satellite Wi-Fi equipment for community-based Wi-Fi hubs. Pico-Grid’s compact nature minimizes upfront costs, which is a significant advantage in an extremely cost-sensitive market. Also, Pico-Grid includes Clear Blue’s leading edge cloud management software, Illumience. Through Illumience, Clear Blue manages power to deliver high reliability and maximum uptime for this critical service while keeping maintenance and operating costs low.

As a result, Clear Blue’s Pico-Grid is well-positioned to provide the solution to the challenges of this emerging market.

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Industry Stats

Not using Internet in 2022
People in Sub-Saharan Africa will subscribe to mobile services by 2025, equivalent to 50% of the region’s population
projected to be connected to satellites by 2029

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