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Smart Off-Grid Power Illuminates American Parkway in Pennsylvania

American Parkway, Allentown, Pennsylvania

Clear Blue delivered over 80 Illumient Smart Off-Grid power systems to illuminate a two-mile stretch of a major highway in the City of Allentown, Pennsylvania.  

Why Smart Off-Grid? 

The City of Allentown wanted to install streetlights on the American Parkway as part of its plan to improve the safety of its roadways for motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians. However, the City needed a cost-effective solution that would be reliable throughout the winter months. In choosing Smart Off-Grid, the city avoided the costly process of trenching and cabling associated with grid lighting projects. Also, active energy management through Clear Blue’s EaaS offering has ensured maximum uptime and reliability year-round. Learn more on our blog about reliable winter power.


The project began with a pilot phase in 2019 where four systems were installed to demonstrate the value of Illumient. These systems performed extremely well and provided reliable power throughout the year. As a result, the City of Allentown installed another 80 Illumient lighting systems along the American Parkway. Smart Off-Grid has provided a cost-effective and highly reliable lighting solution and improved the safety of the American Parkway.

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