Our Mission.

Clear Blue’s mission is to deliver on the promise of wireless power. We believe the world’s power infrastructure is going to become wireless. We seek to deliver clean, managed, wireless, point-of-use power for the world’s mission-critical infrastructure – anywhere, anytime through Smart technology.

What We Do.

Clear Blue provides Smart Off-Grid power to a variety of industries that need reliable, wireless power. From powering telecommunications infrastructure and IoT technology, to lighting the path of sustainability or supporting the delivery of community WiFi, Smart Off-Grid can power the world and change the future.

Why Choose Us.

Clear Blue’s team is what makes Smart Off-Grid a reality and helps change lives around the world. As a fast-growing company, Clear Blue is always expanding the team of innovative, customer-focused, savvy individuals that want to change the world and connect the unconnected.

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Offices in Canada, Kenya, and Nigeria

Management & Teams

Clear Blue has a strong and diverse team of innovators that delivers Smart Off-Grid solutions from offices around the world. Its focus on inclusive representation, communication, gender parity, community engagement, customer support, and continuous learning ensure that this team will continue to deliver success at Clear Blue. Learn more about who drives innovation at Clear Blue.

Meet the Team

Board of Directors

Clear Blue is governed by an experienced and established Board of Directors. Take a look at the Company's Corporate Governance page to learn more about this illustrious team. 

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Developing technology to change the world is no easy task, as one of the Globe and Mail’s Top Canadian Companies of 2021, Clear Blue is a great place to work for those excited to join a young, fast-growing company who is defining a new market based on its Smart Off-Grid technology. With a strong focus on diversity and a connected team, Clear Blue is always looking for new individuals to join it as it grows. Learn more about what it’s like to work at Clear Blue and the exciting future it offers.

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About Us

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, but with additional offices in the USA, Mexico and Kenya, Clear Blue technologies provides Smart Off-Grid power technology and Energy-as-a-Service for cost-efficient power that can be installed anywhere, managed over the Internet, and deliver unmatched reliability for mission-critical systems. With thousands of systems under management across 37 countries, ClearBlue is bringing Smart Off-Grid power to the world. Clear Blue and Illumient products are made in Canada and Sweden.

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Literature and Media

Clear Blue Technologies is the only provider of Smart Off-Grid power in the market. Our technology is innovative and unique, and as a result, we are thought leaders in the off-grid power market. Check out our various resources to learn more about the company and to gain a better understanding of how we are solving the unique challenges of our various markets.

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