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  • Client:City of Toronto
  • Install Year: 2019
  • Product:Illumient
  • Industry:Lighting
  • More Details:Press Release

Installation Details:

Illumient Pedestrian Street Lighting

Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON CANADA

The Bloor West Village Business Improvement Association (BIA) sought to improve its streets with better walkway lighting, with a cost-effective and reliable clean energy solution that didn’t disturb the existing road or sidewalk areas.

Why Smart Off-Grid?

Illumient street lights are equipped with built-in communications, allowing the lights to be remotely managed and operated, lowering maintenance costs while delivering high reliability. Motion sensors on these lighting poles, along with Illumience predictive weather analysis capabilities, help preserve battery power and ensure the area remains lit in all seasons of the year.


40 Illumient solar-powered street lights have been installed along Bloor Street West in Toronto. These smart city lighting systems will also host Wi-Fi for the area, and feature banners promoting Bloor West Village. The BIA now have highly reliable, cost-effective lighting that was easy to implement and add value to the community.

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