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Smart Off-Grid Power Connects Communities in Remote Marshall Islands

NuRAN Wireless, Marshall Islands

The Marshall Islands is a collection of islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Due to its isolated location, grid power is extremely costly to install and maintain, and thousands of people in the Marshall Islands have never had access to connectivity. 

Why Smart Off-Grid? 

The remote location of the Marshall Islands makes providing connectivity a challenge. Upfront costs, as well as the cost of maintenance site visits are major obstacles to connectivity. Remote management capabilities provided by Clear Blue’s Smart Off-Grid were crucial to establishing cost-effective, reliable broadband service. Through Clear Blue’s Illumience cloud control platform, maintenance can be performed remotely and proactively, drastically reducing the ongoing maintenance costs of the systems.  


Through Clear Blue’s Nano-Grid Smart Off-Grid system, mobile connectivity was established at 62 sites throughout the Marshall Islands. Thanks to remote management provided by Clear Blue, no maintenance site visits have been required thus far. Clear Blue’s Smart Off-Grid has minimized the ongoing operating costs of the infrastructure and established cost-effective, lasting connectivity in the Marshall Islands.

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