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  • Client:Delaware Camera Systems
  • Install Year: 2021
  • Product:Illumient
  • Industry:IoT
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Installation Details:

Smart Off-Grid Power for IoT In The Delaware Bay

Delaware Camera Systems, USA

In cooperation with Delaware Camera, Clear Blue provided Smart Off-Grid power systems to power surveillance cameras on an electrical transmission barge in the Delaware Bay.

Why Smart Off-Grid?

The barge sits in the middle of the Delaware Bay, and is a critical electricity transmission waypoint for the surrounding area. Security cameras were needed on the barge to monitor the surrounding boat traffic to prevent accidents and damage to the infrastructure. However, because the barge is located two miles from the nearest dock on the Delaware River, regular maintenance and site visits would be challenging and cost-prohibitive. Delaware Camera systems needed a reliable off-grid power solution that could be remotely managed and maintained to ensure uptime, which is where Smart Off-Grid made the difference.


Overall, Clear Blue’s Smart Off-Grid power has supported 24/7 security camera surveillance on the barge. Costly maintenance visits have been avoided. Remote monitoring and maintenance through Smart Off-Grid power delivers the highest reliability and uptime for mission-critical IoT devices at the lowest cost, especially where on-site maintenance is challenging.

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