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Smart Off-Grid Power Delivers 40% Lower Cost and Maximum Uptime

Meta, Peru

As part of the Telecom Infra Project (TIP), Clear Blue partnered with Meta and Mayu Telecomunicaciones ("Mayutel") to determine how cellular service implementation could be accelerated in rural areas.  

Why Smart Off-Grid? 

The SmartPower Project, also known as Project SEISMIC (Smart Energy Infrastructure for Mobile Internet Connectivity), conducted a field study in remote, rural Peru to validate the ability of Smart Off-Grid power to reduce telecom site capital and operating expenditures without compromising service levels. Due to poor infrastructure and low subscriber density, the economic viability of rural telecom is crucially dependent on a low-cost solution. As the power system accounts for about 25% of telecom site costs, reducing power system costs through Smart Off-Grid will have a profound impact on the economic viability of rural telecom.  


The field study was conducted over the span of 6 months, with data collected from both the conventional power site and the Smart Off-Grid power site. Through Smart Off-Grid’s energy forecasting and remote management, the size of the power system was substantially reduced, leading to a 40% saving in power system cost and a 10% reduction in overall site CAPEX. In addition, Smart Off-Grid delivered 99.27% power availability during the project, exceeding targets. By reducing system size and costs through remote, energy management, Smart Off-Grid power has the potential to enable the accelerated rollout of low-cost connectivity around the world.

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