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Founded in 2011, Clear Blue Technologies was built on a vision of delivering clean, managed, wireless power to meet the global need for reliable, low-cost off-grid energy for mission-critical infrastructure. With headquarters in Toronto, Canada, Clear Blue manufactures and sells cost-efficient, remotely managed, Smart Off-Grid power technology for use in telecom, lighting, industrial controls, security, emergency power, and IoT. Clear Blue’s patented technology, delivered through the Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) model, allows systems to be installed anywhere and managed over the Internet to deliver connectivity to remote and rural areas, where a lack of reliable power infrastructure makes telecommunications cost-prohibitive. Clear Blue’s technology is underpinned by Illumience, the cloud application with a built-in communications network to facilitate remote monitoring and management. Clear Blue and Illumient products are made in Canada and Sweden.

Clear Blue Technologies is the world's first Smart Off-Grid technology provider. Our technology gives you the ability to remotely manage and control power systems from anywhere in the world. Through Smart Off-Grid technology, reliable power and reliable connectivity can be implemented around the globe. Check out the video to learn more!


Since being founded 2011, we have grown to be a market leader in off-grid power. We are the only provider of Smart Off-Grid power on the market, and our market leadership position has allowed us to establish strong traction in a variety of markets across the globe. Now, our Smart Off-Grid power systems are in 37 countries around the world serving telecom, streetlighting, smart city, and satellite wi-fi applications. We now have over 9000 systems in the field and over 10 billion data packets sent over our cloud. Through our wealth of data from systems in the field, our management and service are unparalleled in the market. On top of our proven track record, Clear Blue has numerous strong global partnerships which are driving strong market penetration across our different verticals. We are an exciting, rapidly growing company which is listed on the Toronto Venture Stock Exchange, was named one of Globe and Mail’s Top Growing Companies, and was ranked 13th on the Corporate Knights 50 fastest growing companies in Canada.



Clear Blue Technologies was founded by John Tuerk, Miriam Tuerk, and Mark Windrim in 2011. With a female co-founder and CEO, equality and diversity are among the key founding values of Clear Blue, and we at Clear Blue pride ourselves on having an extremely inclusive, diverse team. At Clear Blue, we truly are a team, and we wouldn’t be where we are without the hard work and dedication of our entire team working together. As a start-up, it took tenacity and determination to reach the point we are today, and that is why every team member’s hard work is highly appreciated. As a result, every employee’s opinion is valued, and everyone is welcomed to share their input on the company, with the assurance that they will have their voice heard. Clear Blue’s strong leadership and management team is comprised of CEO Miriam Tuerk, CPO John Tuerk, CTO Mark Windrim, CFO Farrukh Anwar, SVP of Sales Paul Desjardins, SVP of Power Services and Products Jason Woerner, and VP of Application Engineering Kurt Unger.

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