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  • Client:Town of Oyster Bay
  • Install Year: 2018
  • Product:Illumient
  • Industry:Lighting
  • More Details:Town of Oyster Bay

Installation Details:

Smart Off-Grid Replaces Grid Lighting For Parking Garage

Town of Oyster Bay, New York

Clear Blue provided 20 Illumient Smart Off-Grid lighting systems to replace outdated grid-connected lights on the top level of a 1,400 space parking garage in the Town of Oyster Bay, New York.

Why Smart Off-Grid?

As part of the refurbishment of the garage, the outdated grid-connected lights needed to be upgraded. Installing new grid-connected lights would have required drilling through the cement structure of the garage, which would have been extremely costly and could have compromised the structural integrity of the garage.


By installing Illumient Smart Off-Grid lighting systems, the cost and disruption of drilling and cabling was eliminated. Through Clear Blue’s remote management, these lights have had the highest reliability and lowest maintenance costs. Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino stated, “The Town of Oyster Bay has become a local leader in renewable energy initiatives. The use of solar panels on the Hicksville Commuter Parking Garage will allow taxpayers to save money annually while properly lighting this facility with the latest technology on the market. From solar panels on the garage to the use of LED streetlights and same-day solar permits for homeowners, Oyster Bay is paving the way for a brighter future."

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