Energy Managment

Energy Management

Clear Blue's energy management system delivers the highest level of performance, reliability and maintenance at the lowest cost. The energy management system is comprised of Clear Blue’s Smart Off-Grid Controller and Illumience Cloud Control Software.

Smart Off-Grid Controller

Clear Blue’s Smart Off-Grid Controller delivers reliable power anytime, anywhere by controlling energy storage and load consumption. It has three power inputs that allow power to come from a hybrid of sources – solar, wind or the grid, providing optimal system performance, reliability and independent troubleshooting by individually controlling each power input. The Controller can support AGM or Gel batteries as well as various other emerging energy storage technologies. The Controller is also equipped with an Event Engine feature, a crucial tool for managing telecom Multi-Controller Systems (MCS). Through the Event Engine, individual load downtime can be scheduled for a designated time. As well, service teams can reduce power or shut the load off when the battery level is low and assign various alarms to specific events. The Smart Off-Grid Controller grants you the flexibility to remotely manage your energy to ensure maximum system uptime.

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Illumience Cloud Control

Energy management is performed through Clear Blue’s industry-leading cloud-based control platform, Illumience. The Smart Off-Grid Controller communicates with the Illumience software over the internet to provide system data on energy generation and consumption, battery usage, battery capacity, and battery state of charge. This data is crucial to determine how to intelligently manage the system to ensure easy installation, maximum uptime, and longer system life. From there, each load can be individually managed through Illumience, and power consumption settings can be individually configured for specific times (i.e. lights can be dimmed at different times). Power consumption settings can also be configured for loads serving different functions. The ability to independently manage loads is crucial when power systems have various non-lighting IoT loads such as security cameras, telecom systems, traffic signs, emergency power, agriculture, weather and industrial or commercial monitoring loads, all of which have varied power requirements. Each input port can support D/C or A/C loads. Each load can have its own load profile with varying levels of dimming, time delays and start/stop times – set either by time or hours after sunset.

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Features and benefits

What Energy Management Can Do for You

Advanced Cloud Control

Clear Blue’s energy management system is made up of the Smart Off-Grid Controller and Illumience Cloud Control platform which ensure the highest level of performance and reliability at the lowest cost.


Flexibility via Remote Management

The Smart Off-Grid Controller’s Event Engine feature allows for remote management of energy consumption in numerous ways, providing critical flexibility.


Communicate with the Cloud

The Smart Off-Grid Controller communicates with Illumience Cloud Control to minimize installation and maintenance costs, while maximizing uptime and system life.


Individually Configure Settings

Illumience Cloud Control allows you to individually configure and schedule load settings, providing immense flexibility to ensure optimal system performance and reliability.


Active Monitoring & Management of Batteries

Illumience Cloud Control enables active monitoring and management of your system’s batteries with Clear Blue’s advanced Battery Level Gauge to ensure continuous power availability and longest system life.

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