Illumience Cloud Control

Illumience Cloud Control Platform

Illumience is Clear Blue’s Smart Off-Grid cloud control software. Through Illumience, your system can be managed through the use of numerous battery management and energy forecasting tools, and monitored through a wide range of customizable reports and charts.

Battery Management

Battery management is critical for optimizing the performance of off-grid systems. Illumience Cloud Control provides immense flexibility in battery management. In Illumience, there are numerous settings to specifically manage battery charging and optimize system performance. The wide range of available battery charging settings makes the systems very modular. Systems in a variety of environments can be precisely managed according to customized settings.

Monitor the battery level of your system to see how quickly it charges and discharges throughout the day, and manage accordingly. Illumience Cloud Control also automatically disconnects the battery when it reaches a low voltage to prevent the battery from being damaged. Illumience Cloud Control provides a simple way to monitor and manage batteries to maximize overall system life.

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Energy Forecasting and Management

Energy forecasting is essential for achieving the highest system reliability and maximizing uptime performance. Illumience produces a five day weather forecast for the exact geographic location of each system, based on 30 years of historical weather data. Illumience also stores historical data of all Smart Off-Grid systems around the world which tells us how the systems have performed in the past. From there, we can develop an energy forecast in Illumience to predict the amount of energy the system could potentially generate.  

By comparing the potential energy forecast to the system’s real performance data, we can determine whether the system is performing as designed. For example, if the solar panels are not generating as much energy as expected, they may be shaded or obstructed. Energy forecasting is thus a crucial part of energy management. By forecasting how much energy the system will have in 5 days, the system can be managed accordingly to prevent unplanned downtime.

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Reports and Charts

Illumience provides 24/7 system visibility through a range of customizable report and charts, enabling highly efficient energy management

System Performance Report

Displays load consumption, solar generation, and battery charging/discharging metrics. This report is used to evaluate the overall performance of multiple telecom systems. Through the System Performance Report, the team can evaluate whether the system has been sized correctly, and ensure it is performing as designed.


Single-System Monthly Report

Displays metrics such as the Kilowatt Hours of power generated/consumed, the number of trees saved and the amount of carbon offset by an individual system. The Single-System Monthly Report also shows the amount of Low Voltage Disconnects which occurred that month, and why they occurred. This report is useful for determining how much energy your system has.The Emailed Monthly Report goes into greater detail with statistics demonstrating the amount of energy generated/consumed, and the health of the system’s batteries.


Daily Notification Report

Summarizes any alarms or alerts with your systems. It is sent daily so you can easily see which systems may need increased attention or management. The Daily Notification Summary keeps you constantly informed about your systems’ performance so you can maximize uptime.


System Offline Report

Lists all the systems which were offline at one point during the day (including for planned downtime). This report is beneficial because it tells us if any systems have had major changes or require immediate attention.


Commissioning Report

Lists all the systems which came out of the commissioning stage and were brought online that day. With major telecom projects, this tool is useful to ensure quick and easy installations and track installation progress.

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