Lighting Controls

Lighting Controls

The Clear Blue Smart Off-Grid lighting controls are enabled through the Smart Off-Grid controller and the Illumience cloud control platform. The Controller makes it easy to customize lighting profiles that automatically adjust based on the day of the week, the time of day or whether motion has been sensed (motion sensor option must beincluded). If necessary, the lighting profiles can be adjusted remotely through the Illumience cloud control platform from any web-enabled device, including smartphones. Illumience remote control gives you incredible flexibility, as you can set up the lighting profile you want andchange it whenever you need to. While other “remote” service offerings require you to be within feet of the pole, Clear Blue’s Illumience cloud service is fully integrated into the Clear Blue controller, allowing you to change your lighting profile anytime, anywhere.

Lighting Profiles

A crucial aspect of Smart Off-Grid lighting controls is the ability to configure and manage system settings through the lighting profile. The lighting profile of an Illumient system is broken into multiple phases of variable length. In each phase, different levels of light intensity can be set. Illumience calculates the sunrise and sunset times for each precise location, and time of year. With this information, you can tailor your lighting profile to ensure it suits the needs of your application and environment.

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Through Illumience Cloud Control, not only do you have full control over the lighting profile, but you can also set alerts for the system to make sure that the profile is operating exactly as planned. 

Clear Blue’s Smart Off-Grid controller and Illumience cloud management platform enables users to customize the alarm and notification settings of each individual system. From there, users receive notification alerts via email or SMS text when an event occurs. Settings can also be configured such that technical alerts are instantaneously sent to facilities management and the more high-level alerts (energy generation, etc.) are only sent to business personnel.

The settings of these alerts can be individually controlled through the smart technology of Illumient systems. Different types of alerts and notification thresholds can be set on each individual device (pole) and port (solar panel, wind turbine, battery, load, etc.).

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Features and Benefits of Illumient Lighting


System Visibility

Connection to Illumience allows engineers and customers to monitor system performance, providing the assurance that systems are performing as designed.



Battery and Load Management

Clear Blue’s engineers closely monitor and manage battery performance, maximizing battery life, and eliminating extra costs or disruptions from avoidable battery replacements.



Expert Service

Clear Blue’s engineers actively monitor and manage systems to ensure that each lighting system is operating at peak efficiency. Illumient customers receive the highest lighting levels, regardless of weather.



Remote Maintenance

By monitoring performing system maintenance remotely, Clear Blue’s engineers can make adjustments to ensure top performance and avoid unnecessary service calls.



Reduced Ongoing Costs

Clear Blue’s service team will troubleshoot any technical issue that may arise, preventing costly maintenance site visits. As a result, customers save up to 70% on ongoing operating costs.


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