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Smart Off-Grid Connects Uganda's Rural Communities With Reliable Telecom

Intelsat, Uganda

In 2019, Clear Blue partnered with the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) and Intelsat, to provide connectivity to rural communities in Uganda.

Why Smart Off-Grid?

In 2017, just 23.7% of the Ugandan population was using the internet, with the majority of the rural population completely lacking service. With the rural population heavily dispersed amongst disparate communities in the area, the low telecom site ARPU rendered connectivity impractical for service providers. The isolation of these sites made maintenance virtually impossible. Previous operators failed to provide connectivity in rural Uganda, even with off-grid power. Ultimately, Clear Blue provided its Smart Nano-Grid power pack for 2G and 3G connectivity in two rural communities.


Due to Clear Blue’s advanced remote management, these sites have been highly reliable. As a result of this project, thousands of people in rural Uganda were able to make phone calls for the first time. Through remote management, these sites have been proactively maintained to ensure 99.6% power uptime and availability. Smart Off-Grid was essential to delivering reliable, low-cost internet connectivity to Uganda’s rural communities.  

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