Power Solution

Clear Blue’s Nano-Grid power solution is a Smart Off-Grid power solution that delivers a highly reliable, cost-effective source of solar or hybrid solar power, serving 0-3KW or more of continuous load for telecommunications infrastructure.

Maximum Uptime

Nano-Grid can be controlled, and proactively managed remotely, includes energy and weather forecasting insights, and comes with Clear Blue’s expert service team for ongoing management, so your services never go dark unexpectedly and you get maximum uptime.

Designed for Efficiency

Minimized capital investment with a modular, upgradable design and reduced ongoing operating expenses through cloud management ensure systems are operating efficiently with the lowest OPEX/CAPEX on the market.

Reliable Everywhere

Delivered in pre-configured, pre-wired power packs, Nano-Grid can be easily installed everywhere and upgraded as needed. Clear Blue’s remote monitoring and active management provide cost-effective power with the highest reliability in the industry to meet your telecom site needs.

Features and Benefits


Modular Design

Nano-Grid is an easy to install, all-in-one solution which requires no specialized training. Nano-Grid is sized to suit your specific power needs, and to minimize your upfront costs and make transport and installation simple. If your power needs grow, your power system can be seamlessly upgraded as the service base grows.


Cloud Monitoring & Control

Illumience cloud software enables 24/7 remote management and control. With insights into system performance and user-configured alerts and alarms, Clear Blue can ensure that your systems perform with the highest availability and the longest life possible.


Energy Forecasting

By using predictive analytics along with energy and weather forecasting, Clear Blue can accurately forecast your system’s energy needs and capabilities. An energy forecast enables proactive and efficient energy management, balancing needs and resources to help deliver maximum uptime.


Expert Service

Clear Blue’s expert service team is with you every step of the way and provides ongoing energy management, control and maintenance. With Clear Blue’s expert service team and Illumience cloud platform, you can feel confident that your system will operate with the highest uptime availability.


Remote Troubleshooting

With Clear Blue’s active remote system management, maintenance can be scheduled in advance, so you don’t have to wait for an issue to occur, instead you can prevent it. With 24/7 remote monitoring and troubleshooting, 70% of maintenance items can be resolved remotely and issues can be resolved from anywhere, at anytime, to deliver maximum uptime and control.

Nano-grid Brochure

Clear Blue’s Nano-Grid power solution combines off-grid power technology with the industry’s most advanced intelligent management and control system to deliver wireless, clean, managed power to telecom systems that require maximum uptime.

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