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Clear Blue’s Pico-Grid power solution is the industry’s first all-in-one power system specifically designed to support mission-critical, ultra low-power loads such as WiFi hotspots and IoT devices. Now these devices can be installed anywhere without needing grid access, with powerful remote management and control with Illumience to maximize uptime and long life.

Highly Reliable Energy

Pico-Grid is a highly reliable power system using solar or hybrid solar, with built-in communications, and can be remotely monitored, controlled, and proactively managed by Illumience. This allows for effective management of energy consumption and load prioritization, ensuring emergency ride through.

Cost-Effective for Smaller Sites and Applications

Smart Off-Grid technology with remote power management services enables the entire system to be sized to the unique power needs of satellite Wi-Fi or IoT applications, delivering a cost-effective solution for ultra-low-power devices. Pico-Grid is also easily upgradeable as needs evolve.

Longest Battery Life

Clear Blue Smart Off-Grid technology ensures that battery power management, lifecycle optimization, and proactive maintenance are easy and cloud-based, so you get the longest life possible out of your product.

Features and Benefits


All-in-One Power System

Clear Blue’s Pico-Grid power solution is the industry’s first all-in-one solar power system specifically designed to support mission-critical, ultra low-power loads. It includes everything you need to power IoT and WiFi devices. 


Cloud Management and Control

Illumience cloud software enables 24/7 remote management and control. With insights into system performance and user-configured alerts and alarms, Clear Blue can ensure that your systems perform with the highest availability and the longest life possible.


Pre-configured and Easy to Install

As a plug and play pre-packaged system, the Pico-Grid Power System is easy to install and comes with remote support to ensure successful installation and troubleshooting, with no training needed. Shipped with a thin-film solar panel, the case includes the Smart Off-Grid PoE injector, integrated lithium ion batteries, easy ‘plug & play’ power wiring, terminations, and connectors, and integrated connectivity to Illumience for complete remote management and control.


Expert Service

Clear Blue’s expert service team is with you every step of the way and provides ongoing energy management, control and maintenance. With Clear Blue’s expert service team and Illumience cloud platform, you can feel confident that your system will operate with the highest uptime availability.


Energy Forecasting

By using predictive analytics along with energy and weather forecasting, Clear Blue can accurately forecast your system’s energy needs and capabilities. An energy forecast enables proactive and efficient energy management, balancing needs and resources to help deliver maximum uptime.

Pico-Grid Brochure

The Pico-Grid All-in-One solar power system for Wi-Fi and IoT devices is a complete Smart Off-Grid solution that delivers highly reliable power for ultra-low-power devices.

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