Illumient Solar Street Lights

Clear Blue Technologies’ Illumient Smart Off-Grid lighting solutions deliver the lowest cost of ownership and highest performance in the industry. Smart Off-Grid software enables the lights to be monitored, controlled and proactively maintained in the cloud, delivering unmatched reliability and long-lasting system performance. 
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Cost Effective, Highest Light Efficiency

A complete solution that is energy efficient, easy to install and beautiful. Illumient provides a complete solution – poles, lights, arms, solar panels, wind turbines, cabling, controllers, and batteries along with 24x7 monitoring & maintenance.

Cloud Management & Control

With Illumience, the cloud-based software that provides 24x7 remote monitoring, management, and proactive servicing, Illumient lights, security systems, and IoT
devices can achieve unprecedented reliability and performance, while dramatically reducing costs.

Proven Reliability

Illumient is proven in the field, with lighting installations across 26 US states and 9 Canadian provices, as well as Smart Off-Grid in 37 countries across the globe, in extreme weather environments, and both urban and rural landscapes.

Illuminate the benefits of Smart Off-Grid Lighting

Around the world, customers are turning to solar and wind powered street lights to illuminate value for streets & roadways, pedestrian walkways, parks and trails, parking lots, and other applications. See what Illumient can do for your application!

Precision Engineering

Each Illumient system is designed based on the specific location, and your exact energy and lighting needs. This way, you don’t overspend on upfront capital costs, because your energy is managed extremely efficiently.

Easy Installation

Illumient systems have a plug-and-play installation process, live remote support, customized project installation options, and a smart phone app for installers. This makes for easy, cost-effective installations which require no training or expertise.

System Visibility

Communication with Illumience allows engineers and customers to monitor system performance, providing assurance that systems are performing as designed.


Expert Management

Clear Blue’s expert service team manages your energy and batteries efficiently, to ensure optimal system performance. This helps deliver the highest reliability, longest system life, and lower costs.

Remote Troubleshooting

Through the cloud software Illumience, the Clear Blue team is able to remotely monitor manage, and maintain system performance. When issues arise, they can be troubleshot remotely, and 24/7, preventing costly site visits.

Environmentally sustainable

Powered by solar and wind energy, Illumient provides a clean energy solution that avoids the trenching and cabling required by grid connection. In this way, Illumient limits environmental disruption, and helps companies demonstrate their sustainability goals.

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