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  • Install Year: 2021
  • Product:Nano-Grid
  • Industry:Telecom
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Bridging the Digital Divide with Smart Off-Grid in the DRC

NuRAN Wireless, Democratic Republic of Congo

Bringing connectivity to over 1,000 sites in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) through a strong partnership with NuRAN Wireless 

Why Smart Off-Grid 

With the need for connectivity in the DRC increasing rapidly and grid-based connectivity cost-prohibitive or logistically difficult for rural and remote areas, NurRAN Wireless needed a reliable off-grid solution to power thousands of telecom sites in the DRC. With a 40-month timeline, this large-scale rollout required off-grid power that was easy to install, cost-effective and remotely manageable. NuRAN chose Clear Blue’s Smart Off-Grid solution for telecom, the Nano-Grid power pack, to ensure the lowest upfront cost, low ongoing operation costs, and the highest power availability on the market through its modular design and remote management capabilities. These benefits ensure a high return on investment for service providers while remotely managing power requirements for maximum uptime to help NuRAN Wireless bring reliable and cost-effective connectivity to rural regions of the DRC. 


Through this partnership with NuRAN, Clear Blue’s innovative Nano-Grid power system will be bringing telecommunications connectivity to millions in the DRC, with over 1,333 telecom sites expected from 2021-2024. Beyond off-grid power, Clear Blue will also be supplying its Energy-as-a-Service to the Nano-Grid systems enabling easy commissioning, reliable monitoring, and total management and control of the sites’ power for maximum uptime and power availability. Thus, Smart Off-Grid will enable NuRAN wireless to bring affordable, low power consumption and easy-to-deploy wireless connectivity to rural and remote areas of the DRC to bridge the digital divide.

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