Maximum Uptime

24x7 monitoring, alerts and alarms. Proactive maintenance ensures high performance and reliability.

Longest Life

Managed power, lifecycle optimization and proactive maintenance ensures longer life.

Easy to install and maintain

Plug and play pre-packaged system with remote support to ensure successful installation and troubleshooting. No training needed.

Want to Invest? Learn More

Clear Blue Technologies was recognized as a Toronto Venture Stock Exchange TSX-V top 50 Performer for 2021. The video gives a brief explanation of Clear Blue's unique Smart Off-Grid technology and its strategy of success for investors.


Smart Off-Grid Power Systems

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The Nano-Grid Power Pack is an all-in-one, 0-3KW continuous load, power solution for telecom applications that provides maximum uptime, longest life, lowest cost, easy installation and maintenance, and is trusted by major telecos worldwide.


Illumient Solar Street Lights

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llumient solar and wind-powered street lights are Clear Blue's Smart Off-Grid technology and cloud control in modern lighting solution for highways, parks, walkways, city streets, bridges and more.

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Smart Off-Grid Savings

Clear Blue’s has over 6.4 million days of operating data and has exchanged over 10 billion messages between its devices and the Illumience cloud platform. See below for some of the ways Clear Blue’s Smart Off-Grid power systems have benefited the world.
KWHs Generated
KWHs Consumed
Lbs of Carbon Offset
Trees Saved