How Smart Off-Grid Power Helps Unlock Socioeconomic Benefits that Change Lives

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Smart Off-Grid Power is Unlocking Socio-economic Benefits All Across The World That Change Lives

Although internet usage continues to grow around the globe, there remains a substantial rural digital divide, especially in developing countries. Improving access to reliable mobile connectivity in rural communities will unlock a variety of opportunities for socioeconomic progress. 

However, costly, and unreliable infrastructure continues to inhibit the expansion of broadband access in every corner of the globe. Through innovative Smart Off-Grid technology, remote rural communities can attain access to reliable, affordable connectivity. Let’s explore the socio-economic benefits that can be attained by bringing more communities online with Smart Off-Grid power.

This infographic from Visual Capitalist shows the substantial population still not connected to the internet, which is heavily concentrated in Africa and South Asia.



undefinedEducation is a fundamental building block of socioeconomic progress. By expanding access to reliable internet service, both the accessibility and quality of education in developing rural communities can be markedly improved. However, according to Internet Society, a lack of access to low-cost internet service with sufficient bandwidth inhibits online education in developing countries. In the Least Developed Countries, the cost of broadband internet access is greater than 5% of the average national income, whereas, in wealthy countries, it is less than 1%. Therefore, a low-cost infrastructure solution is imperative to improve education in rural developing regions.  

Smart Off-Grid powers telecommunications to enable connectivity that enhances education in rural regions. Smart Off-Grid power systems are actively managed on an ongoing basis resulting in power systems that are much smaller and have lower CapEx costs, but uptime is still maintained. In addition, Smart Off-Grid’s remote troubleshooting and maintenance tools virtually eliminate on-site maintenance visits. In doing so, Smart Off-Grid slashes the operating costs of power systems. Therefore, Smart Off-Grid power can help overcome the cost barrier of rural connectivity, and improve education in rural communities through telecom service.


E-Commerce Services


E-Commerce is a critical opportunity for economic development. The digitization of the economy will improve the flow of money, goods and services, leading to greater overall economic efficiency. By incorporating the internet into business operations, small businesses will be able to unlock newfound efficiencies and lower their costs. As well, online banking services will afford individuals greater financial freedom and an opportunity to participate in non-local markets. Overall, E-Commerce services will foster greater economic growth for remote communities. 

To develop an E-Commerce sector, reliable network connectivity is essential. The advantages afforded by E-Commerce for businesses and individuals are of little value if telecommunications infrastructure is inadequate and service frequently drops. Therefore, Smart Off-Grid power is crucial to the development of the E-Commerce sector. The remote monitoring tools provided by Smart Off-Grid allow for 24/7 system visibility, so operators can be sure service uptime is maximized. In addition, power consumption can be dynamically managed to ensure that connectivity is never down when it is needed the most.



undefinedThe telehealth industry is rapidly expanding in Africa, fuelled by the growth of internet usage. According to the Africa Telehealth Conference, less than 50% of Africans have access to modern health facilities. Many countries in Africa spend less than 10% of their GDP on health care, leading to a shortage of proper health care facilities. However, the telehealth industry has the potential to expand the capacity of healthcare in developing regions, which would go a long way toward making healthcare universally accessible. 

Once again, bringing telehealth to remote rural communities is dependent on having reliable internet connectivity. Smart Off-Grid power enables mobile connectivity to be implemented at a very low cost without compromising service reliability. Therefore, Smart Off-Grid technology is the low-cost power solution needed to overcome the challenges of rural telephony and support the rollout of telehealth to bring healthcare to millions of people. 

Ultimately, internet connectivity unlocks a range of socio-economic benefits. E-Commerce, education, and telehealth services can all be made available or improved through access to the internet. Smart Off-Grid power is the low-cost power solution for telecom which will enable the accelerated deployment of mobile connectivity in rural regions, therefore opening the door for socioeconomic advancement.

Smart Off-Grid power does more than just enable telecommunications anywhere and everywhere. It provides energy forecasting, intelligent analytics, and remote management that lowers both the initial and ongoing costs of a telecommunications site and provides maximum uptime, longest life and easy installation and maintenance. It reduces the barrier between the connected and unconnected to unlock socio-economic benefits worldwide.  

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