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Clear Blue Technologies Helps Solve Grid Infrastructure Issues in Fifth Project with the City of Toronto for Smart Off-Grid Solar Lighting

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Continuing to build beautiful communities and solve grid problems, major Toronto arteries - Bloor Street West and Koreatown, the Kingsway area, and the Beltline at Yonge all benefit from resilient Smart Off-Grid Solar Lighting. 

October 22, 2020, Toronto, ON Clear Blue Technologies International Inc. (TSXV: CBLU) (‘Clear Blue’) has completed a critical project with the Kingsway Business Improvement Association (BIA) and the City of Toronto to install Illumient Smart Off-Grid lighting in Toronto.  This project marks Clear Blue’s fifth project with Toronto BIAs as Clear Blue continues to prove Smart Off-Grid is the best solution for mission critical infrastructure.

Clear Blue has a history of completing Smart Off-Grid lighting projects for various BIAs across Toronto.  Clear Blue’s product, Illumient, and its Energy-as-a-Service has proven its value in areas where infrastructure is damaged, unavailable or cost-prohibitive.  With lower upfront installation costs, it also provides ongoing remote power management while beautifying Toronto’s communities.

Starting in 2014, Clear Blue implemented a two-phase project in Koreatown, followed by Bloor West Village, then midtown on the Beltline by Yonge street. This continued, and growing history with the City of Toronto and BIAs shows the proven success of Clear Blue’s Smart Off-Grid Lighting.

Clear Blue’s project with the Kingsway began with something that is seen more and more – damaged grid infrastructure that is cost-prohibitive to repair and lacks redundancy. Wildfires, floods and hurricanes are causing massive damage to the electricity grid as the impact of climate change becomes more evident. Building more resilient solutions is now a key focus of governments around the world. For this project, a fire had destroyed a part of the electrical infrastructure needed for the grid-based street lighting. The Kingsway BIA required a state-of-the-art system that provided adequate lighting without costly repairs to the grid infrastructure.  It also required a solution that provided strength and durability while still looking attractive.  Clear Blue’s Smart Off-Grid lighting solution, Illumient, was the winning solution for this application.  The project included 24 systems in a mesh network and was completed in 2020. “The Kingsway BIA needed to replace its lighting system and had several priorities when selecting a new system. The BIA wanted a low-maintenance, sustainable, and environmental-friendly solution.  They also preferred to use attractive, robust materials and, as such, wanted resilient fluted concrete poles with banner and hanging basket hardware to complement the community aesthetic. Further, the BIA wanted a less disruptive design that provided the ability to maintain safe access to businesses during construction. A representative for the Kingsway BIA commented, "Clear Blue Technologies' Smart Off-Grid solar-powered streetlights exceeded these requirements and they were chosen for the contract.  The Kingsway BIA is very pleased with the results of the project."

“We are proud that Clear Blue’s Smart Off-Grid solar lighting was able to help our local community in ensuring safety where electrical infrastructure was a challenge.  We are also thrilled to be working with another of Toronto's BIAs,” said Miriam Tuerk, CEO of Clear Blue.  “The City of Toronto has been a key client for us since our inception and we are honoured to have been awarded this fifth project with them.”

About Clear Blue Technologies International Inc.

Clear Blue delivers clean, managed, wireless power – anywhere and anytime. We use our patented Smart Off-Grid technology, delivered through our Energy-as-a-Service business model, to manage lighting, telecom, Internet of Things devices, and other critical systems worldwide.  Clear Blue has thousands of systems under management across 37 countries, including the U.S. and Canada.  Clear Blue is publicly traded on the Toronto Venture Exchange under the symbol CBLU and on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FRANKFURT: 0YA). Learn more at


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