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Clear Blue delivers off-grid power to wireless tech, IoT devices - Ahmar Khan, Sustainable Biz Canada

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In the 1980s, the telecom industry started to experience a wireless technology boom. Forty years later, wireless technology could be at the cusp of a similar revolution involving solar power.

Solar is the fastest-growing renewable energy in the world, and companies like Toronto’s Clear Blue Technologies are working to increase efficiency through the use of off-grid energy systems.

Traditional solar-power systems can be costly, especially up-front, and require connections to existing grids. Going wireless is becoming a more appealing option, especially as multinational companies like Tesla and LG Chem develop more reliable battery storage systems.

Cue Clear Blue’s platform. The firm has created an off-grid power system running on a cloud-based platform which is not only powering street lights, but Internet of Things (IoT) devices like security cameras, traffic lights and more.

“We look at the world of power and believe that it is going to evolve the same way that the telecom industry has evolved,” said Miriam Tuerk, the co-founder and CEO of Clear Blue Technologies.

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