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This Company is Dominating Off-grid Power Technology: Here’s How

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Jocelyn Aspa, The Market Herald

While technological advancements in urban regions continue to accelerate at a rapid rate, the need for technology boosts in rural and more remote areas are just as important.

Enter off-grid power systems. In a nutshell, these systems work independently off of the grid, using batteries that can store excess energy that is generated by the solar system throughout the day.

Off-grid systems can provide electricity to rural and remote areas, including those with power outages, and can help prevent operations from coming to a stop. Off-grid power can also support cities and other urban areas with solar off-gride streetlights, off-grid power for IoT devices and power systems for grid support and backup. In a nutshell, off-grid power can provide back up grid support, bring connectivity to new areas, power mission critical devices and increase safety.

Moving forward, the off-grid solar market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 8.632 percent as the shift towards renewable energy and reducing fossil fuels continues to rise.

Companies like Clear Blue Technologies INTL Inc. (TSXV:CBLU, OTCQB:CBUTF, FRA:0YA, Forum) are contributing to that growth thanks to its own off-grid technology, called the Smart Off-Grid.

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