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Clear Blue Technologies’ Off-Grid Lighting Illuminates Rural Intersections in North Dakota

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State-wide initiative to reduce traffic accidents through clean tech Smart Off-Grid lighting

TORONTO, Nov. 09, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Clear Blue Technologies International Inc. (“Clear Blue”) (TSXV: CBLU), the Smart Off-Grid™ company, has completed four additional phases to bring the total to 7 phases of regional installations of its Illumient cleantech Smart Off-Grid lighting at rural intersections in North Dakota for the Department of Transport (DOT). As part of an initiative to reduce traffic accidents in the state, Clear Blue expects to have all lighting systems up and running by the end of 2020, illuminating over 100 rural intersections.

In 2018, North Dakota’s DOT issued the Vision Zero Plan, focused on reducing motor vehicle crash fatalities on state and local roadways by 2025. A vital component in reducing traffic accidents was bringing lighting solutions to rural intersections across the state, however, these rural intersections were too far from some districts' electrical grid infrastructure.

“Traffic accidents on dark rural roads and highways are a hazard for many, but local governments and townships struggle to find the funding to install expensive grid-connected lighting,” said Miriam Tuerk, CEO, Clear Blue. “Our off-grid lighting gets rid of the fixed wires, which more than halves installation costs. But the biggest advantage is that it connects these off-grid lights to cloud management software, so you can manage the power remotely. It makes a huge difference to a township’s costs if you don’t have to send an engineer out to check a broken light in a remote area but can test and even fix it from your cellphone.”

In implementing its Vision Zero Plan, North Dakota DOT instituted policies to govern how districts can light areas that fall within the criteria, requiring a reliable, cost-effective and innovative off-grid solution. The State and its counties also needed a comprehensive supplier that could handle a large-scale roll-out of technology implementation.

Clear Blue Technologies’ Smart Off-Grid Illumient lighting solution was employed to provide the Smart Off-Grid solar power for these rural lights.  Its cloud management system ensured the brightest light and remote power monitoring and management, so the townships and districts could monitor and manage the power effectively through Clear Blue’s Illumience digital platform. The Illumient lighting systems were installed on existing wooden poles, and included Clear Blue’s Smart Off-Grid Power Pack, which consists of a solar panel, smart controller and battery with built-in wireless communications.

Added Tuerk: “Our Illumient off-grid lighting solution was easy to install and manage, so counties could quickly get systems up and running regardless of whether their teams had any previous experience with Smart Off-Grid or not. These systems will greatly reduce the risk of traffic accidents at rural intersections, especially at night or in adverse weather conditions.”

The total sale value for this multi-phase project was approximately $650,000 CAD and it generates approximately $100,000 per year of recurring revenue as part of Clear Blue’s Energy as a Service offering.

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