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Clear Blue Technologies Launches Next Generation Of Smart Technology For Wireless Power

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Smart controller and power devices improve efficiency and reliability for critical off-grid telecom and nano-grid infrastructure

September 25, 2019, Toronto, ON – Clear Blue Technologies International Inc. (Clear Blue or “the Company”) (TSXV: CBLU) (FRANKFURT: 0YA), the world’s leader in delivering clean managed wireless power, announced today the launch of its expanded next generation power products. The new Smart Off-Grid VS controller, along with two new smart power products, raises the bar in delivering the key control and management technology required for mission-critical, large-scale rollouts in telecom, Smart City, and IoT nano-grid applications. Designed to meet the highest level of reliability and longest system life, these new products are critical to delivering clean managed wireless power anywhere in the world.  

Off-grid power has become the primary power source as new telecom and smart infrastructure is installed in many parts of the world, and that requires a new level of reliability, performance, and efficiency, at a price point that makes it economically feasible,” said John Tuerk, Chief Power Officer of Clear Blue. “Clear Blue developed these new products based on more than six years of data from our online systems and our experience managing thousands of mission-critical, off-grid power systems.  We are also working with some of the world’s largest telecom and infrastructure providers for the massive expansions and upgrades planned for the world’s telecom and connectivity infrastructure.” 

Smart Off-Grid VS features include:

  •  30 amps charging capacity for up to 900W charging capacity
  •  Higher energy efficiencies to reduce overall system cost
  • Precision temperature probe for better temperature accuracy, delivering longer battery life and better performance in extreme environments
  • Reliable solar-only start up
  • High reliability failure mode – trickle charge battery in failure mode
  • Internal load by-pass switches to maximize critical load uptime and availability
  • New toolless wire push-in connectors for flexible easy installation of connections without any specialized tools
  • Supports 2+3 loads (2 large and 3 signaling) with Clear Blue’s integrated independent load control

Smart Communications Gateway 

All systems powered by Clear Blue’s Smart Off-Grid technology include integrated communications to enable remote management and control through Illumience. The new Smart Gateway, enabling multiple systems to communicate to the Illumience cloud through a single mesh gateway, was designed and developed by Clear Blue for higher reliability, enhanced remote management, high security, at lower cost.  This new gateway is designed for:

  • Carrier-grade security capabilities
  • Stronger access to network and communications management
  • Off-Grid environments

Smart DC/DC Converter 

As the number of Smart Internet of Things devices expands, the need for different power for a myriad of devices in one system is now common.  Clear Blue’s Smart DC/DC converter provides voltage regulation and is also used to provide a different voltage output for devices such as telecom systems. Clear Blue’s new converter adds smart capabilities for local troubleshooting and problem diagnosis via WiFi, delivers energy efficiencies greater than 90%, and is configurable to multiple voltages and power ranges.

The new products will be shipping in October and November 2019. All include a 5 year warranty, or a lifetime warranty under Clear Blue’s Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) plan. Under the EaaS subscription plan, Clear Blue uses its patented Smart Off-Grid technology and expert service to manage charging cycles, state of charge, and other aspects of power management that are key to maximizing system life and uptime performance. This enables Clear Blue to provide an unparalleled level of reliability to assure power delivery.

“The strong warranty is made possible due to the 7-year track record Clear Blue has monitoring and managing Smart Off-Grid systems, around the clock and around the world,” added Tuerk. “Our Illumience software gives our support team the information and data history needed to keep systems running well and to do proactive service when needed. This capability is unmatched in the industry.”  

About Clear Blue Technologies International 

Clear Blue Technologies delivers clean, managed, wireless power – anywhere and anytime. We use our patented Smart Off-Grid technology, delivered through our Energy-as-a-Service business model, to manage lighting, telecom, Internet of Things devices, and other critical systems around the world. Clear Blue has thousands of systems under management across 37 countries, including the U.S. and Canada. Clear Blue is publicly traded on the Toronto Venture Exchange under the symbol CBLU and on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FRANKFURT: 0YA). Learn more at

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