Co-founder, CEO

Miriam has over 20 years of experience as a serial entrepreneur and business visionary with a proven track record of creating, selling and delivering innovative products and services that have shaped the technology landscape. Miriam is responsible for operations, finance and sales within the company. Previous initiatives have been in the Big Data, Open Source, eCommerce and Cloud space. During her career Miriam has advised a leading private equity firm, was an advisor in the Mars Innovation Center and sat on the board or advisory panel of a number of early-stage companies. Prior to joining Clear Blue, she held a number of leadership roles including CEO of Infobright and President, BCE Emergis e-business solutions.

Co-founder, Chief Power Officer

John has over 20 years of experience in the power electronics industry. At Clear Blue, John drives product strategy and development for all power, solar and lighting applications, directs hardware engineering and OEM system design and integration support. Prior to founding Clear Blue, John was heavily involved in the Motive Power and UPS industries. John’s past experience includes business development, product management, sales and engineering roles at SAFT Power Systems Division, Alcatel and Exide Electronics.

Co-founder, CTO

Mark has over 20 years of experience in the high-tech sector. Mark is the CTO of Clear Blue, and is responsible for developing our communications / mesh network and our Smart Off-Grid control and analytics platform. He keeps himself busy with the latest advances in Web-enabled technologies, many of which have been incorporated into our systems. Prior to joining Clear Blue, Mark was responsible for product management at Three2N, open source / community rollout at Infobright, as well Internet business development at BCE Emergis. His past also includes Newstar Technologies, MAGIC Online, and Apple Computer.


Farrukh has over 20 years of experience across a broad spectrum of financial reporting, audits, and corporate finance, with direct experience in scaling operations and creating shareholder value to companies listed on the NASDAQ and TSX.  He received a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting from Karachi University in Pakistan and is a both a Canadian Chartered Accountant and Chartered Professional Accountant (CA/CPA).

VP Sales & Business Development

Responsible for both the Clear Blue and Illumient product lines, Paul will drive new business opportunities for the company and lead the sales organization. With decades of experience in sales, business development and supply chain, Paul has worked at both start-ups as well as large B2B and retail companies. Before joining Clear Blue, Paul was VP, business development at Infobright, a data analytics platform company. Prior to Infobright Paul led highly successful sales organizations at several companies including BCE Emergis, Jetform and Xerox.

VP Solutions

Jason is an experienced leader in engineering solution development and product management.  Jason has 25 years of experience in areas such as product management, software development lifecycle, and off-grid power/energy solution engineering. His industry experience covers telecommunications with Bell Advanced Communications, MetroNet, Netcom, and AT&T Canada, networking at Cisco, banking operations at CIBC, and construction services with EllisDon. Jason’s passion is simply building solutions customers love.