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Our Smart Off-Grid Controllers are easily integrated into solar and wind powered streetlights, security systems, mobile power, lighting and signage, electronic charging stations and more.

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Illumience Cloud Control

All Smart Off-Grid controllers are fully managed through our cloud platform, Illumience, providing unprecedented levels of reliability and performance while slashing installation and ongoing maintenance costs.

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Forbes Blog: Who Will Be The Next FAANG Member?

"Today’s juggernaut of the world’s priciest stocks are the result of a mash-up of previously disconnected industries. Amazon is Sears meets IBM. Google is advertising meets librarians.But before FAANG, only a very select few individuals were able to forecast that these disparate areas would merge into new industries that have transformed our lives – and generated huge returns for those early investors. Identifying the next FAANG member will likely create the next generation of Peter Thiels and Sequoia Capitals."

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Clear Blue Technologies, Facebook, and Telefonica Announce OpenCellular-Power Progress at TIP Summit

Today, Miriam Tuerk, CEO and co-founder ofClear Blue Technologies International Inc.(“Clear Blue”) (TSXV:CBLU), the Smart Off-Grid™ company, Jamie Yang, power and connectivity project group co-chair at Facebook, and Cesar Hernandez-Perez, manager of strategic projects and investments at Telefonica, will share the results of projects using Open-Cellular Power (OC-Power) at the 2018 TIP Summit in London.  

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Clear Blue Technologies International and Telefónica Bring Broadband Connectivity to Remote Areas of Peru

Clear Blue Technologies has delivered its Smart Off-Grid technology to Telefónica and Mayu Telecommunications (“Mayu”) to power a mission-critical network for the city of Atalaya, located in the Amazon Jungle.This pilot deployment at two locations is an early key element of Telefónica’s “Internet para todos”, or “Internet for all” program, which will offer connectivity to 100 million people in rural Latin America who do not have Internet access today. 

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