Smart Off-Grid™ Controller
harvest energy from the sun & wind

Smart Solar - Wind Charge Controller

Our solar and wind-solar charge controller harvests energy from solar panels and a wind turbine to power off-grid applications such as street lights, security and mobile signage. It is designed to be easily integrated into a variety of products and solutions to deliver highly reliable off-grid alternatives.

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Internet Control
see how to control the lights from anywhere

Control & Monitor over the Internet

Our Illumience Cloud Control lets you manage, monitor and service off-grid systems from anywhere - even using your mobile phone. Watch this demo to see the power of Smart Off-Grid.


unmatched performance and reliability, low TCO

Benefits with Clear Blue

Our Smart Off-Grid technology propels off-grid systems to an entirely new level of performance and reliability. With a unique capability to remotely monitor, control and service systems, Clear Blue slashes maintenance time and costs.

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Smart Off-Grid Apps
lighting, security, mobile and more

Smart Off-Grid™ Applications

Clear Blue's hybrid controller and cloud-based monitoring and control software can be integrated into a wide variety of solutions to enable OEMs to deliver reliable, intelligent, and high performance off-grid alternatives. It is ideal for outdoor lighting, security, telecom, mobile and environmental solutions.

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