Validated Installation & Remote Management

With Clear Blue, you can be sure that a newly installed system is fully operational before the installer leaves the site. You can also minimize ongoing maintenance costs through a full suite of remote testing and maintenance capabilities provided by the Illumience Cloud Control service.

Here are some of the most important testing and maintenance features of Clear Blue:

At Installation:
  • Installing connections to the Clear Blue controller requires no tools. Instead it comes with industrial grade, simple clickable connectors that are color coded and keyed to ensure that they are correctly undefinedconnected without the need for any training or specialized skills by the installer.
  • With the Illumience Online Installer’s Meter, the installer doesn’t need any expensive meter tools or training to install the product. In fact, the installer doesn’t event need to know how to work a meter for either DC or AC power.
  • Every component and connection can be easily tested prior to the installer leaving the site. Using a smartphone, the installer can access a simple meter screen showing 14 real-time meters, ensuring it is 100% fully operational.
Ongoing Maintenance:
  • Illumience Cloud Control allows remote testing of all components of the system without having to send someone to the pole, saving significant time and cost. Instead, using any Internet-connected PC or smartphone, engineers can automatically be notified of issues and can then do immediate analysis when a trouble situation is reported - providing better service and significantly lowering servicing fees. 
  • The controller also contains an external door sensor that can generate an alarm to in case of vandalism or theft of the batteries in the battery enclosure.
Examples of remote testing:
  • Simultaneously take 14 measurements including displaying voltage and current readings. This is the ultimate multi-meter!
  • Perform a short circuit solar panel test
System Optimization
With Illumience it is easy to optimize performance:
  • Troubleshoot environmental changes to the site
  • Analyze system component aging effects
  • Make intelligent decisions about extra capacity for added loads, eg turn the lights up to a higher power, or change the load profile higher than originally defined based upon actual site performance 
  • Change load profile to optimize for battery life, where needed, using dimming and light profiles
  • Use actual weather data and built in weather forecasting to optimize site-specific profiles. Illumience keeps hourly historical data of the weather reported by the nearest weather station for that site and shows the next 5 days of weather. Using this information enables changes to lighting profiles that ensure lighting service as required.