Independent Load Management

The Clear Blue Controller includes two load ports as well as up to three low power signal ports, each of which can be configured independently.  Each load is individually managed and can be set with multiple light dimming functions (for lighting) or set for security camera and other non-lighting loads such as telecom systems, traffic signs, emergency power, agriculture, weather and industrial or commercial monitoring loads.

Options for these ports include D/C or A/C loads, fully customizable to each individual light’s driver and control specifications (all remotely from the Illumience Cloud). Each load can have its own load profile with varying levels of dimming, time delays and start & stop times – set either by time or hours after sunset.

Monitoring / Alarms

The Clear Blue Smart Off-Grid ontroller and Illumience cloud management platform enables each user to customize their personal alarm and alert notifications for their installations. This can be used to send notification alerts via email or SMS text to different team members when an event occurs. Large installations (parking lots, etc.) might have more instantaneous technical alerts sent to facilities management and higher level alerts (energy generation,etc.) might only be sent to business personnel.

The system is designed so that different types of alerts and notification thresholds can be designed on a per device (pole) and port (solar panel, wind turbine, camera, etc.) level.