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Mobismart Off-Grid Power & Storage

Mobile Off-Grid Power Generators

Mobismart provides mobile, grid-free, robust power that displaces diesel generators on infrastructure and construction projects. Clear Blue’s Smart Off-Grid technology provides the ability to remotely monitor, control, and manage the Mobisun generators, enabling high reliability and low maintenance costs. 

Irene Efston, Vice President, Marketing at Mobismart said: “Our mobile off-grid power systems have lower lifetime operating and maintenance costs than diesel generators, without the air and noise pollution.  With Clear Blue’s Smart Off-Grid remote management and control, operators don’t have to go on-site to do regular maintenance, which is the case for diesel generators that need to be constantly refueled. This was crucial, as many of these sites are highly inaccessible and some can only be reached by helicopter.” 

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  • Année d’installation: 2019

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