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Nuestros controladores Smart Off-Grid se integran con facilidad a alumbrados públicos, sistemas de seguridad, sistemas de telecomunicaciones, energía móvil, iluminación y señalización, estaciones de carga electrónica y otros que utilizan energía solar y eólica.

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Todos los controladores Smart Off-Grid se gestionan por completo a través de nuestra plataforma de la nube, Illumience, lo cual proporciona niveles sin precedentes de fiabilidad y desempeño además de recortar los costos de instalación y mantenimiento continuo.

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bizz energy

bizz energy, the independent business magazine for energy decision makers, recently interviewedClear Blue CEO Miriam Tuerk about the company's expansion into Europe, during Miriam's recent press tour in Germany. "Power supply with off-grid solar modules has so far been widespread, especially where there are no reliable power grids. Entrepreneur Miriam Tuerk also wants to bring the technology to Germany."

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Bloomberg Businessweek: These Cell Towers Run on Solar Power

Telefónica brought its first reliably 24-hour gridless cell towers online in Peru late last year. They serve 25,000 people in the Amazon rainforest, according to Clear Blue Technologies International, which makes the control systems. Perez says customers there pay no more for service than in grid-connected areas."

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Cleantechnica: Smart Solar Street Lights Spread With IoT Adoption

The role of the once lonely street light has been heavily rewritten so that it now serves as a major information gateway, runs on solar power, and is sensing and reporting far more than you might imagine. Indeed, the global market for the smart street light is projected at $18 billion per year by 2024. While that number may sound hard to believe, the next time you drive under a carport or walk across an intersection, just look up.

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