One of Clear Blue's great advantages is the built-in communications capability that automatically connects to the Illumience Cloud Control software for remote control and management. Unlike other products that lack any remote control or require you to contract for, set up and implement communications, our Smart off-Grid Controller comes with either cellular or mesh communications already installed and configured. 

The low cost cellular services are provided by Clear Blue Technologies and work throughout 170 countries globally. The installer simply plugs in the antenna that comes with the system, completes the installation and communications will begin automatically.

Click here to learn more about the extensive features of Illumience Cloud Control, which allows owners of systems to remotely monitor and control the performance of the installation and to adjust the operating profile of the installation.  Clear Blue also provides a service to do this central monitoring for their customers.

Communications Options

There are three communications options to choose from depending on the customer’s needs. Clear Blue can help determine the best option for your project.

  1. Cellular: Clear Blue provides an integrated cellular service, with each system directly communicating with the  Illumience cloud.
  2. Mesh with Cellular:  With this option, each system sends its data to a gateway device using  built-in mesh communications. The gateway is installed within one of the poles, and it communicates to the Illumience cloud using the cellular network.
  3. Mesh with Ethernet:  With this option, each system sends its data to a gateway device using built-in mesh communications. The gateway is installed at the customer facility and is connected via Ethernet to a corporate network which then sends the data to the Illumience cloud over the Internet.

In a mesh network, we recommend the maximum distance  between poles or to the gateway is 1000 ft (300m).