For large load applications which cannot be powered by  solar energy alone, the Clear Blue Solar Controller with Grid Connect is the perfect solution. Grid Connect controls the amount of power that is pulled from the electric grid to ensure that grid power is only drawn when needed, and that maximum solar energy is first obtained. 

Examples of use cases are:

  • Shading: where seasonal or permanent shading limits the amount of available solar energy. This may result from permanent structures like buildings or seasonal from tree growth.
  • Extreme climates: very far northern extremes where there is no sun in the winter but a lot in the summer.
  • 100% uptime is mandatory, and grid provides the backup. With both solar and grid available to charge batteries, the system remains on when the grid is not  and the grid ensures there is enough power even when there is not enough sun.

For Grid Connect, Illumience Cloud Control includes:

  •  the ability to remotely control settings and configurations to define when grid power should be enabled.
  •  ability to remotely reset systems and protect against system surge currents that can cause problems and cause systems to trip. This means no trip to the pole!
  • ability to measure green carbon credits, and report  solar savings and carbon credit versus grid energy used.