Clear Blue Illumience is advanced technology that provides real-time, 24x7, remote control, monitoring and management of wind and solar powered devices. With Illumience, streetlights, security systems, mobile power and lighting and other off-grid systems can achieve unprecedented levels of reliability and performance while slashing installation and maintenance costs. Read the news about our latest release!

Illumience turns an off-grid system into a proactively maintained system, saving cost and enhancing security because technology issues can be resolved before they become a problem - and expensive service calls can be avoided. lllumience is a Web-based solution, which gives you 7x24 hour insight into your device's operating status and power generation effectiveness. It allows you incredible flexibility and power to monitor, manage, control and proactively service your system.

Major Features

Sample Report: Daily Report

Illumience is built upon a cloud computing model that has been designed with high-availability, redundancy, and failover support. All Illumience ervices are accessible from any Internet-connected device utilizing a modern browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.) Modern smartphones such as the iPhone or Android can access the system as can the latest tablets.

Reporting Features

Illumience supports many different reports. Full detail reports allow users to instantly customize the report to show only the data the user wishes to see.

Data collected includes:                                        
  • Solar voltage, and current                            
  • Wind voltage, current and frequency          
  • Load voltage, and current   
  • Motion sensing                          
  • AC voltage, and current               
Illumience includes weather forecasting, so you can decide whether any changes need to be made to lighting profiles to accomodate upcoming weather.

Remote Controls include the following:
  • Two independent solar input controls
  • Wind DC input controls
  • Two independent load output controls
  • Dimming control signals inputs: 0-10V Analog Signal (Adjustable to any range within)
    10V PWM Signal (Adjustable Frequency 100Hz to 10KHz)
    5V PWM Signal (Adjustable Frequency 100Hz to 10KHz)
    PWM Power Dimming (Adjustable Frequency 100Hz to 500Hz)
  • Real time clock references, including actual sunrise / sunset for each location
  • Dusk / dawn sensing